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1 | Can I Use My PHMA® Account For Any Non-Veterinary Expenses?

No. Your PHMA® Pet Medical Reimbursement Visa® Prepaid Card can only be swiped at veterinary providers and will not work at any other pet-related business establishments.

2 | How Does PHMAS® Award Its Account Crediting?

The PHMA® product account crediting design was constructed for implementation by one of the most renowned actuarial firms in the world today. PHMA® account balances can be used to pay for services at veterinarian offices and contain no cash value. The PHMA® Pet Medical Reimbursement Visa® Prepaid Card is issued pursuant to a license from Visa® USA Inc.

3 | What Happens When The PHMA® Account Balance Reaches Its Target Account Balance Cap?

When your pets’ PHMA® account balance reaches its predetermined, account balance cap, you are no longer required to make your full, monthly PHMA® contribution and will only be required to pay maintenance fees until your subsequently use your PHMA® Pet Medical Reimbursement Visa® Prepaid Card to make a new payment on behalf of one of your pets at your veterinarian’s office. Once this occurs, you will once again make a PHMA® account balance contribution the following month in order to build the account balance back up to its predetermined, target account balance cap.

4 | What If The PHMA® Owner Wants To Change Their Monthly Contribution Amount Or Target Account Balance Cap?

PHMA® monthly contribution levels are designed to be flexible in order to accommodate anyone seeking to build a superior savings account for their pets and thereby significantly reduce their pet health care expense obligations by pre-funding their current and future out-of-pocket, pet medical expenses. Pet Health Matching Account Services (PHMAS®) offers a variety of different levels of PHMA® contribution programs with corresponding target account balance caps ranging from $2,500 all the way up to $20,000 per participating pet owner. The PHMA® program is incredibly flexible and provides pet owners with the ability to adjust both their monthly contribution amounts and target caps in order to be able to scale up their PHMA® benefits as they see fit. If a PHMA® owner wishes to increase their monthly contribution level and its corresponding, target account balance cap, they will be permitted to do so one time per month by calling the PHMAS® customer service department.

5 | How Do I Access My PHMA® Benefits To Pay For My Pet’s Medical Expenses?

Each primary PHMA® owner listed on the account will always be provided with their own personalized PHMA® Pet Medical Reimbursement Visa® Prepaid Card, which can be used and swiped at the point of service at veterinarians’ offices to pay for pet medical expenses. You can check your current PHMA® account balance anytime so that you know exactly where your account stands either on your PHMA® Member Portal or by downloading the PHMA® mobile app.

6 | What Happens If My Pet Passes Away? Will I Still Be Able To Retain My PHMA® Account Benefits?

Yes. Not only can you use your PHMA® account for multiple pets when you start your plan, but once your pet(s) pass away you can retain your account, continue to contribute and use it automatically for any of your new pet(s) veterinary needs.

7 | What Happens If I Pass Away? Will My Spouse Still Be Able To Retain Our PHMA® Account Benefits?

Yes. If you as the primary PHMA® account owner pass away, your PHMA® benefits will be passed on to your spouse listed on your account and will continue to be maintained until your spouse passes away.

8 | What If I Cannot Use My PHMA® Pet Medical Reimbursement Visa® Prepaid For Payments With My Veterinarian?

If your PHMA® Medical Reimbursement Visa® Prepaid Card does not process for whatever reason with the veterinarian that you use, PHMA® mail-in reimbursements are also available for any prescribed pet medication, vaccinations, exams, surgeries and medical procedures. All you have to do is complete our PHMA® Reimbursement Claim Form that you can download from your PHMA® Member Portal and submit the form to us along with an itemized receipt verifying the cost and the type of procedure that was performed.

* Mail-In Reimbursements are also available for any pet medications, vaccinations, exams, surgeries and medical procedures performed by Doctors of Veterinary Medic

The PHMA® is not pet health insurance.
The PHMA® Pet Medical Reimbursement Visa® Prepaid Card is issued pursuant to a license from the Visa® U.S.A Inc.
Card may not be used everywhere Visa® debit cards are accepted. See Cardholder Agreement for list of eligible goods, services and merchants.