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35-Month Total
35-Month Pet Medical
Benefits Matched
35-Month Target Pet
Medical Benefit Cap
SIGN UPPHMA® 2500$40$1,400.00$1,100.00$2,500
SIGN UPPHMA® 5000$84$2,940.00$2,060.00$5,000
SIGN UPPHMA® 7500$118$4,130.00$3,337.00$7,500
SIGN UPPHMA® 10000$150$5,250.00$4,750.00$10,000
SIGN UPPHMA® 15000$208$7,280.00$7,720.00$15,000
SIGN UPPHMA® 20000$259$9,065.00$10,935.00$20,000

The PHMA® is not Pet Health Insurance.

• Total contribution amounts assume no prior medical expenses paid for with your PHMA® Medical Benefits ID Card
• Monthly contribution amounts do not vary based on the number of pets in your household
• Your monthly contribution amounts are fixed at the rates listed above per product option
• Your monthly contribution amount and its corresponding account balance cap can be changed on a monthly basis
• The PHMA® cannot be used for large, non-household animals or exotic animals

Select Your PHMA® Product: Each PHMA® product option represents the target pet medical benefit cap that you will be building your PHMA® plan up to ranging from $2,500 to $20,000. For example, if you select the PHMA® 10000 product, you can contribute as little as $150 per month or $5,250 over 35 months and accumulate a $10,000 PHMA® pet medical benefit to pay for your out-of-pocket, pet medical expenses by swiping your PHMA® Pet Medical Reimbursement Visa® Prepaid Card at the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine point of service.

Paid-Up Pet Medical Benefits!: No further monthly, participant contribution once PHMA® reaches target pet medical benefit cap (only monthly maintenance fees will be required to maintain your benefits).

What Pet Medical Costs Are Covered?: The Pet Health Matching Account (PHMA®) can be used to pay for your veterinary expenses, which includes most all medical treatments that pet owners would need to pay for your pets’ medical expenses incurred at Doctors of Veterinary Medicine offices.

The PHMA® is not pet health insurance.