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PHMA® Monthly Contribution Options

You Choose The Pet Benefit Plan That Works Best For Your Needs: Pet Owners Can Select From A Variety Of Monthly Contribution Plans To Build Their Pet Medical Benefits To A Target Cap Amount From $2,500-$20,000

Flexible Monthly Payment Options: 6 PHMA® Product Options With Monthly Contribution Amounts Ranging From $40 Per Month To $259 Per Month Can Fit Any Pet Owner’s Budget And Includes The Ability To Scale Up The Monthly Contribution Amount And Its Corresponding Target Pet Medical Benefit Cap As Needed

Enjoy Paid-Up Pet Benefits!: No Further Monthly, PHMA® Pet Medical Benefit Contribution Once Plan Reaches Target Pet Medical Benefit Cap (Only Maintenance Fees Are Required)

Pet Health Matching Account Services (PHMAS®) is the exclusive provider of the PHMA® product with monthly contribution plans that are all designed to reach a corresponding target pet medical benefit cap amounts ranging from $2,500 all the way up to $20,000. The six different Pet Health Matching Account (PHMA®) plan options will fit into all budgets in order to accommodate any pet owner who is seeking to build a valuable, pet medical savings plan in order to greatly reduce their out-of-pocket, veterinary expense obligations. Once pet owners reach their target PHMA® pet medical benefit caps, their PHMA® plan is considered paid up, and they are no longer responsible for contributing the full amount every month towards their PHMA® plan. They will only be paying monthly maintenance fees until another veterinary pet medical expense is paid for using their PHMA® as payment. This important incentive and benefit serves as a reward for your pets’ good health and will serve to drastically decrease the PHMA® owner’s monthly amount that they are contributing towards their PHMA® plan over time.

The PHMA® program is also extremely flexible. It provides participants with the ability to scale up their monthly contribution amounts and target pet medical benefit caps in order to increase their pet medical benefits which they can access as they see fit. The PHMA® pet medical benefits that are matched from the participants’ monthly contributions are permitted to carry over year-to-year, and just as importantly, they can also be used for not only multiple pets at once but will be there for you to use for any new pets that you bring into your household as the years go by.

The PHMA® is a pet medical benefit savings plan used exclusively for veterinary expenses that awards a monthly, pet medical benefit match to each participant’s monthly contribution. This monthly pet medical benefit match amount grows following each monthly contribution in order to rapidly increase the available PHMA® medical benefits that can be used to pay for each participant’s out-of-pocket, veterinary expenses. The PHMA® monthly contribution match results in pet owners’ receiving access to up to an average of $2 or more in pet medical benefits being awarded to the participant’s PHMA® plan for every $1 above and beyond what was contributed each month as the program progresses.
The PHMA® is not pet health insurance.
The PHMA® Pet Medical Reimbursement Visa® Prepaid Commercial Credit Cards are issued by Celtic Bank.